Yulia Einav | יוליה עינב

Faculty of Engineering


Holon Institute of Technology, HIT

Recent Publications

  1. W. Mansour, H. Hauschner, U. Seligsohn, N. Rosenberg, Y. Einav
    Natural and artificial mutations in αb integrin lead to a structural deformation of a calcium-binding site
    Protein J., 33(5), 2014 (474-483)

  2. G. Barnhart-Magen, V. Gotlib, R. Marilus, Y. Einav
    Differential diagnostics of Thalassemia minor by artificial neural networks model
    J. of Clinical Laboratory Analysis, 27, 2013 (481-486)

  3. B. Shenkman, Y. Einav, T. Livnat, I. Budnik, U. Martinowitz
    In vitro evaluation of clot quality and stability in a model of severe thrombocytopenia: Effect of fibrinogen, factor XIII and thrombinactivatable fibrinolysis inhibitor
    Blood Transfusion, 12, 2013 (78-84)

  4. L. Levin, E. Zelzion, E. Nachliel, M. Gutman, Y. Tsfadia, Y. Einav
    A single disulfide bond disruption in the β3 subunit promotes Thiol/Disulfide exchange, a molecular dynamics study
    PloS One, 8, 2013 (e59175)

  5. B. Shenkman, T. Livnat, M. Misgav, I. Budnik, Y. Einav, U. Martinowitz
    The in vivo effect of fibrinogen and factor XIII on clot formation and fibrinolysis in Glanzmann's Thrombasthenia
    Platelets, 23, 2012 (604-610)

  6. R. Mor-Cohen, N. Rosenberg, Y. Einav, E. Zelzion, M. Landau, W. Mansour, Y. Averbukh, U. Seligsohn
    Unique disulfide bonds in the Epidermal Growth Factor (EGF) domains of β3 affect the structure and function of αbβ3 and αvβ3 integrins in a different manner
    J. of Biological Chemistry, 287, 2012 (8879-8891)